Week Twelve (week beginning May 21): “But is it Art?”—the new dynamism of art

Week Twelve (week beginning May 21): “But is it Art?”—the new dynamism of art

This week, we ask how much our physical sensations relate to the way we think. Keith Armstrong (2005) explains that ecologies are dynamic relationships between several forms of life, in different mediums. Related back to this new dynamism of art, we can see how the marrying of sensations creates a new form of art. Electronic works seem to play a large role in how the collection of these sensations has connected with each other. Therefore we are provided with a multi-faceted experience. This can be shown through this example:

Nosaj Thing (Jason Chung) regularly collaborates with Julia Tsao in video shows with his music. Her projects explore the relationships between technology and the devices that create sensation. The combination of the two are a mode of communication, social interaction and behaviour because they function as a medium in it’s own to project “futurist imaginings of other ways of being.” (Julia Tsao, 2012, http://juliatsao.com/)

Before artists such as Nosaj, who heavily rely on digital technologies for the creation of music, there was, and still are physical instruments that create sound in a similar way. Today, it is a regular occurrence that artists delve into the pre-existing archives to create samples of music, and recreate something new. According to Felix Guattari, ‘ethico-aesthetic paradigms’ is the role of sensation and the impact it makes on the social world. The old and new is combined, creating a shift of community. This is shown in the example above, with the combination of video, sample, film, and music. From an artist which potentially could only draw one crowd, can draw many due to the combination of these sensations.


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